Sunday, April 19, 2009

Benjamin is now one!

I cannot believe it has been one year. Man, how did that happen?The cake (we already had one courtesy of Nannie, so I only made a 6 in. round and obviously forgot that fact when piping the words
Singing the song
Peter runs in to pose
One of the buns Benjamin stole from Daddy's plate at Golden Corral (our birthday dinner choice this time)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

she can't dance either

Now my kids are also having a love fest with coldplay's viva la vida and I just happened to find this video today. They, however; were not impressed. Tre said that it wasn't as smooth when she sang it and Peter said that 'she sings slightly harder'. Gabrielle completely agreed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It"s been too long

Since I have embedded a youtube video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse made us a cd with loco roco songs and this is the last one - my very favorite of course. And my favorite part is the very end - so be patient and wait it out! This video has a really cute capper at the end too. Kudos to Jesse for introducing me!@!!!

P.S. I edited the post with the Viva La Vida video in it since youtube decided to disable the embedding for that video. Completely different visual, but the song is once again in tact - We don't miss Chris Martin's dancing anyway!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Peter and his scrapbloggy goodness

I know i have been posting nothing but scrapblogs lately, but I just can't help it. Peter is doing such a great job on his scrapblogs. He made the desk, chair, and lamp with the shapes feature and once I showed him how to fill them in with color, he went to town. I am so proud!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Benjamin footage

I was really excited about posting a video of Benjamin standing but after watching it several times, I realized Gabrielle's night shirt was hanging in an awkward position. So I am posting him climbing on our deck table instead. Warning: the kids are loud so turn down the volume. My camera records audio, but doesn't play it, so it kind of took me off guard because I didn't remember them being so loud. I should videotape my kids more often to remind me of what others have to endure i.e. - Man, they are LOUD

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BY PETER!!!!!!!!!!

So last night I was working on my scrapblog and Peter decides this is something he would like to try too:
We did this one together

And he did this one almost completely by himself. I showed him how to change the border around the pictures. Earlier he was asking if I could post it to my blog. As I was exporting the images he asked me if I was finished and I told him I would be soon and then right after I would post them to my blog and he said "Okay, you can". He also wanted me to make sure that I added "Made by 9 year old boy" on the tags.
I will never have control of my computer after school hours ever again. Forget - he'll be on scrapblog!