Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Tre!

Today is Tre's (gulp) 13th birthday! And to celebrate, instead of cake, I thought I would make cake pops as seen on Bakerella
and they turned out horribly wrong. So when I woke him up.....Instead of greeting him with cake pops - I made some very-easy-almost-fail-proof-pull-out-of-the-swirly-cardboard-tube cinnamon rolls.

Thank you Pillsbury! I had one cake pop that kind of came out, so I let him eat it. Yesterday, I realized things were going horribly wrong quite early, so I had lots of cake balls left for today.
So I tried again. First, I am not sure I got the consistency of the cake balls right. I think they were slightly too mushy. Also, yesterday, the red candy melts were NOT melting. They were clumping. I even tried to add butter, which made them seize even more.

So today, I set aside the red glop and decided to break out the dark mint melts to see if they would melt better. Better, but not perfect, so when I put the stick into a cake ball and the skewered ball into the chocolate, the stick came out naked with cake ball still submerged in the chocolate. However, the chocolate was still pliable enough for me to stir the chocolate over the ball and spoon them out.
Then I tried the red one more time with some yellow candy melts added because so much of my red seized and I threw it out. I did put some paraffin in and it seemed to help a bit. I got two to stay on the sticks up right.
And then after he came home, it was time to go to the Boy scout camping trip and I shoved foods down their faces and forced them to hurry until we left and so no more pictures were taken. But oh how I love my boy! Happy Birthday Tre!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Checkup!

Yesterday, I went to my first prenatal appointment! It feels like I have been waiting forever! I am going back to Dr. Nelson - this will be the first time I have delivered two babies at the same hospital by the same ob group. I never thought I moved that much, but I guess I have.

I weighed 143 (not sure that is wise posting my weight, but I am anyway). I can't remember my blood pressure and the baby's heartbeat was about 150. My friend C. went with me and Benjamin actually stayed with her while I was being examined - except for the part when we heard the heartbeat - I had the nurse go and get them. Benjamin said "heartbeat" but really wasn't sure he like seeing me lie on the examination table like that. Thank goodness C. was there. My ultrasound is in 3 weeks and I can't wait. I have moved the checkup days to Monday, so that I can bring Gabrielle. She really likes visiting. Too bad she will have to miss the ultrasound.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a Bump!

The very best thing about photoshop is that I can crop out the most embarrassing things about a photo. This instance it being my face. My camera's LCD screen is busted. So I can't see what we just took a photo of until I download it. I sure do love photoshop as I seriously looked drugged in the part of this picture you CAN'T see.

Whew! Thank goodness for technology! My week mark is on a Tuesday, but my kids don't have school on Mondays, so all of my pictures will probably be taken on Monday and will be one day short of that next week. (Yes, for some reason, the baby ticker is slightly off) Here is 12 weeks and 6 days, taken on August 30.