Friday, October 3, 2008

Because I am an unconscionable braggart

This is the front of the card that I have been planning to mail my cousin for WEEKS. It took forever to make (not to mention the fact that I recently got sucked into a series of novels that totally took up all of my time, as well).
My cousin just adopted a sweet baby boy from China!!!!!! And I am so terribly excited for them.
So I decided to send a few little things and this idea for a card popped in my head.
The front has several pics from China (the two small bottom ones my cousin took herself and the other two were snagged off the internet) and the text says: "Of all the wondrous and fantastic things in this mysterious and beautiful land"
and on the inside, there is a pic of her sweet baby that says "You get to keep the very best one!"
I can't post the inside because I don't have permission to post his beautiful face and it would be a terrible shame to fuzz it out. So just imagine a sweet chubby cheeked angel face smiling (and eating) with the words and you got the inside.
I wish the image was bigger because the black paper is actually this color infused paper with the black resting on yellow and I wet, sanded, & crumpled so that some of the yellow showed through. But it is far from "archival" because I totally used scotch tape to secure the pictures onto the frame. I was originally going to go with a red background (red, yellow and black are just the colors that scream"China" to me) but the green looked so much better with the pics.
IT TOOK FOREVER! But I think it was worth it. I can't wait to mail it

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