Monday, November 3, 2008

Because I have given up

I had an idea earlier of posting why I wouldn't vote for Obama and how while listening to his speech in Florida this morning (obviously too early for him since he thought he was in Ohio, bless his heart) how the things he talked about fit in perfectly with the description of democratic socialism that I was reading from our World Book encyclopedia.
(What a horrific, grammar bludgeoning, run-on sentence that was)
But he's gonna win anyway. So I am posting a video instead since I am on a lovefest with Coldplay

If I could have easily found a video that had a different visual display, I would have, since, as anyone can plainly see, even Barack Obama can dance better than Chris Martin. Barring that, it is an awesome song I currently cannot get enough of.
*edit - there are only 5 pictures that cycle through this video and for some reason this guy seems to like one of them much more than the others, but at least you can hear the song again - it was the only one I found in my limited search that was the complete song and where the embedding was not disabled *

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