Sunday, January 18, 2009


We, of course, went up to Indiana this Christmas, like we always do. But the most wonderful thing about this time was that my sister in law Elizabeth brought her family as well. They live in Maine, so it is hard for them to come often. I don't think we had seen them in more than 3 years. My sister in law Amy had long decided to not come for Christmas since she lives in California and it was finally time for her to stay with her husband and do Christmas there, but something happened (what, I am not sure) and she, at the last minute, decided to come in for a few days while Elizabeth was there! It was CROWDED, but just sooooo great!

Probably 15 or 16 years ago, before any of the siblings got married, (I think), the family had a picture taken. My mother in law decided that she wanted to recreate that picture since everyone was there. Well, the original pic was professional with a professional background. This background is obviously not - and of course, my mother in law has her eyes closed. But oh well, I guess I should just photoshop-fix as much of it as I can

This is the only picture of just the two of us when we were having the massive photo shoot in the living room where Larry was not deliberately making some strange face and I look awful. He is SUCH a dork!
But, he is my strange face making dork all the same!

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