Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is what I get for being on facebook

As stated in the title, I left Benjamin to his own devices as I was posting pictures on facebook. This particular day happened to be Tre's birthday, so the components to the cake, had, of course, not been properly put up (we are talking about me) . I totally spaced the fact that along with the step stool in the middle of the kitchen I had also left out the chocolate ganache. This was not missed by Benjamin. He even moved the step stool to get to it.

I didn't even notice it until he climbed up on me (while I was still on facebook, by the way) and he had actually climbed off and then, strangely, I smelled a very strong aroma that seemed very much like chocolate.
I looked down and he had covered me nearly from head to toe

I found him, covered even more, sitting straight up, but yet asleep, on the couch. I guess fingerpainting with ganache makes you tired.

Once the kids got home, I made them take a picture of all covered elements in once space

ganache is truly one of the best mediums to work with (at least in Benjamin's opinion)

Here is the finished product (in the refrigerator, thank you very much) - I guess I am not one for presentation
Because of practice and baseball games, we didn't actually EAT the cake until the next morning, for breakfast, right before school (yes, Bill Cosby would have much preferred my lack of nutritional fussiness) - you can tell by Tre's face how early it really is.

Happy 12th birthday Tre!!!!

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