Friday, August 20, 2010

My New Blog!

Not that anyone is particularly interested, but I am chronicling the ups and downs of my inevitable morning sickness and other woes that come along with pregnancy. So, if you are brave, head on over to My Icky Yucky Horrible but Wonderful Pregnancy. I have a link in the side bar as well. Proceed with caution: those with weak stomachs might want to think twice.


Loft-in-Paradise said...

Yeah! Congrats!! (and thanks for reminding my to take a look. If I so much as think about sitting at the computer, one of the kids has a crisis..why is that?). We're excited for you. Don't envy the morning sickness but I have to agree, it's totally worth it! Hope all is well!!!!
PS: Consider me reader #4

Barbra said...

Congrats on the "new one". Hope you're feeling better.
Love, Mom (Barbra)
P.S. I do read you blog!