Saturday, December 4, 2010

I heart magnetic tape

For the past several weeks, I have gotten gobs of inspiration concerning lesson plans for the little one from different blogs I read - the most notable being Oopsey Daisey, Moo Moo's & Tutus and Nurture Mama. Because of the holidays, however many of these incredible, awesome, (some which offer complete lesson downloads - the best ever!) inspiring sites have been taking a break. Completely understandable. So I was kind of on my own when it came to something for December.

So I had the merry fortune of discovering the first school website again. Last night my deep love for magnetic tape resurfaced again as I completed a number of projects. This one from first school, which I love - I am not sure what Benjamin thinks, but I think the older kids started playing with as I saw some of the magnets had been moved. You can't see it, but the title says "Dress the Snowman"
Now this next one was not just for Benjamin, nor did I find it on First School. I got the link for this advent calendar from the Sugardoodle website. I couldn't tell you exactly where now. In the past, I have bought individual chocolate advent calendars for the kids. I looked and looked this year to no avail. So I decided to make this advent calendar, which included scriptures (of course so much better than just chocolate) and not to completely deny my children, I decided I would have a small treat for them each night. I started to make fudge and they all asked me what it was for - I told them it was a surprise. As soon as they ascertained that they fudge was indeed for them and not someone else, they got excited. When we sat down with the calendar, the scriptures and I explained the situation - Peter was disappointed - when he was excited about the fudge not 15 minutes prior! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But too bad, Peter - that is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.
We talked about being grateful after that.

And then finally, last night, I made another kind of advent - alas there is no magnetic tape involved but I totally stole this idea from Oopsey Daisy I even completely plagiarized her poem. Well, I am giving her credit, so that makes it okay, right?
But it is a little poem about Santa's bare beard, and Benjamin gets to glue a cotton ball each day to make a big fluffy beard. He totally doesn't get the count down thing, but that is okay.

I can't believe I was so crafty all in one night - Yes I know many others who can craft circles (many perfect concentric circles all in coordinating colors) around me, but this is big for me.
Yay for magnetic tape! And Card Stock! And my paper cutter - fun stuff when Benjamin is still awake

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