Friday, December 30, 2011

W is for Winter

Lately, I HAVE BEEN DOING MOMMY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely astounded myself. One of the MAJOR reasons for such success is that one of my friends from church with a sweet little girl who is right at Benjamin's age suggested that maybe we do a preschool for the two kids. So, for the most part, we have been doing this every week since sometime in October, I believe.
We did ........
L is for Leaves
H is for Halloween
T is for Thanksgiving
(all three of those have a fabulous packet on Oopsey Daisy)
P is for Pilgrim
(found ideas on Nurture Mama and My Little Gems)
S is for Santa
C is for Christmas and
J is for Jesus

For the last three I was pretty much on my own. Found some great stuff. And.................. I didn't document anything. Call me a big dummy. Well in celebration of a new year, turning over a new leaf, and hiding in the basement so as not to bother the inlaws, here are the things I have found so far:

Books I plan to read (the reading of the books thing hasn't gone as quite well as I would have hoped so far, but we will keep trying)
Very difficult to find the book version of this on my library's web site. Finally had to look "The Snowman" up on google to find that the actual book (written before the cartoon came out) was by Raymond Briggs and finally found THE BOOK three pages into the search after I typed in Briggs' name.
Could probably do a whole unit around just this book. (I know that is done often in schools - especially around 1st grade) and I may even do that - since most likely I will not get the book for a while from my library
I also requested this book - which I have never heard of before, but apparently it is big as one of the first links I found was centered around this book
Since my search for "W is for Winter" was coming up rather dry, I decided to type in "winter felt board" and found this
 which I am really excited about. But I guess I had better buy some felt, or I could print up cardstock and laminate. But, I really enjoy felt.
This site basically just has a list of great ideas sent in from different users. Nothing really "ready to use", but nonetheless, great ideas.
And everyone knows that DLTK is  GREAT place to go concerning all things printable and there is a cute little printable concerning winter clothing
First School, another rocking printable site on which I could spend countless upon countless hours browsing around has innumerable amounts of activities and coloring pages
And last but not least - Kizclub flashcards for W. These seem to be used by a number of different people who put together packets, but are maddeningly impossible to find with a simple "alphabet flashcard" search. Each time I have to go back into a packet to find their name: . I always seem to remember klutz instead and that comes up with vastly different results. And BTW, I am really digging the "mini" size - more per page which means less cardstock used.

Angel #5 has just awoken from her nap which means this 2 hour blog post is now officially over

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