Wednesday, September 17, 2008

photoshop is the greatest but not as great as my bro!

Look what my brother did!

All my kids, Gabrielle down to the baby clockwise

He titled it: "Family Tree" - because he is AWESOME

church calls


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you dig it, my favorite sister! All the images of the kids were pulled from the pics you posted of the kids (here) on your blog. I had to take Gabrielle's glasses away because the perspecive looked really goofy no matter what I did. I wanted to leave them on because I dig the frames and I think she looks great in them. This image kinda happened on it's own. I was originally just going to take Benjamin's face and impose it on the gerber baby logo but I then got carried away to see what all the kids faces looked like when I did the same treatment. Peter's treatment made look like a mischievous elf to me. Hahaha!!!

Henckel House said...

Yeah, Peter's face is from the photo where I think he looks drugged, anyway. You are so AWWSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benjamin's being the fussy baby. Gotta go!!!!