Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I made this cake that I have wanted to make for so long and it was so amazing. I just can't believe it!

Here is what it looked like on the web:
And here is mine:

This is a close up before I painted her hair and eyebrows on. You can barely make out the little cheeks and lips. It looked better with the food coloring on, but I didn't get a close up of the baby once I finished her. And yes, my flowers are silk, but with feeding my baby and all, I just didn't have time to make sweet pea flowers made from fondant. The gum paste I had was just not drying and it wasn't working out for me. I wish my pink would have been slightly less shocking, but IDONTCARE! I did it! Yes, I am still reeling in disbelief


Kris said...

Wholly Flippin' COW!! WOW!!!!! AWESOME....AWESOME.....AWESOME....
_____________You ROCK____________
>>>>>>>>>LAURA HENCKEL<<<<<<<<<<<<
Yours is so much better than the first one, your pink is the prettiest pink and I love the baby! Ahhh...what a cool cake!

Henckel House said...

Thank you so much! I didn't think it was THAT great, but I sure do appreciate your comment. I was proud of it, you know, hence the blog.
Thank you thank you thank you