Thursday, April 8, 2010

I need to go to Church for conference from now on

If you read this blog, which you don't, because no one reads it --- But just hypothetically, if you did, you would most likely know me. And if you know me, you know just how much of a slacker I am. And because I am a slacker when conference comes, I gleefully sleep in because I know I can watch it on my own home television. And now that I have a DVR I can slack even more since I don't even have to be there when it is airing. And then, my mother decides to come over to "watch" even though we rarely sit down together and do just that.

So now, my main memory of the Sunday broadcast has nothing to do with anything that our beloved apostles and first presidency said, but it has everything to do with a conversation about Benjamin that went something like this:

Benjamin toddled over to the couch where Larry left his coffee mug on one of the arms and starts to babble. My mother exclaims: "He said coffee!" (You know, while we are "trying to watch conference" - loose interpretation of the word trying) and Gabrielle just dryly says "we're gonna die"

Oh the tragedy! For that will outweigh most likely any conference memory (conference memory inferring that it is something actually said during conference) that I will ever have.

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Loft-in-Paradise said...

I'm a hypothetical-reader.... love that you can pin point the first Sunday of April and October in our house too. I love that I can send Clayton outside now. It IS kind of cute when he says, "that's the Prophet" for every man that is wearing a tie and on the TV. Happy conferencing :)