Monday, June 14, 2010

It's time to embed again

It has just been too long since my last post. However, as you know, since you are reading this and the 3 of you who read (I have given up on saying no one, because I am reminded that there are some who read - it's kind of nice when you remind me, I guess that is why I say it - so I am conceding - I DO have readers [although three might be wildly exaggerating things]) know that I am a very lazy person and have not downloaded any pictures from the camera, I am indulging myself in posting an entry about my new celebrity crush:

isn't he super cute?!!!!!!!!!! Pekka Kuusisto from Finland. Absolute genius on the violin. Not that I am super into violinists, but I like good music. I first saw him in the documentary "4" and just fell in love. Then I did a bit of websearching recently and found out that he attended IU during the same years that my sister in laws did! Oh so close. I was only down there during those years once or twice - too bad I didn't swing by the music department. I could have met a star.

Well, I guess I had better deliver on the embedding. So here he is and his mega cuteness

I would embed more, but I don't want to make it absolutely impossible to pull up this up, so here is a link. Not that anyone is interested (It isn't very interesting by the way until about 50 seconds in), but I will probably link to it myself - yes, my selfishness rears its ugly head the most in my blog. But I guess that is okay since it is mine
oh yes, and this is why I developed a crush in the first place:
part one
and part two


Loft-in-Paradise said...

I always like a good musician too! A bit young, maybe but they do things differently over seas :)

Henckel House said...

actually, he is the same age as my brother, just about 6 months younger