Sunday, August 14, 2011

Patriarchal blessing FHE

Tonight we had a great FHE - late - but great! It was late because I had an auxiliary meeting at church. There was something wrong with the satellite feed at our church building, so we were able to leave early. But when I got back, it still took us quite a while to get around to having FHE.

Benjamin was asleep again, but eventually he woke up (and I write this at 11:03 pm, he is still awake and probably will be for quite sometime)

Song - Larry - he wasn't here, so we sang "I'm so glad when Daddy Comes Home" (which is actually titled Daddy's Homecoming, but there it is)
Prayer - Benjamin (he nodded his head to what we said)
Scripture - Tre - Genesis chapter 29
Lesson - Me - I took it from a year of FHE - a lesson on patriarchal blessings. I was really excited about using this lesson. When I saw the post last week, I knew I wanted to do it. AND my mother had just brought me a copy of my patriarchal blessing, her patriarchal blessing and her mom's patriarchal blessing. Gabrielle is turning 16 this fall, so I thought it was quite appropriate for our family. I am not sure we had talked about it much, so I knew this would be a great time
Game - Gabrielle picked Uno and I won (both times - even though once I put down a wild card and said "blue" when all I had was yellow and red - at least I had a good laugh)
Snack - Peter - gee - guess maybe edible cookie dough
for the fourth straight time in a row that it is his turn for snack
then I tried to ask Benjamin whom he would like to have say closing prayer and he said "hide and seek"
A great FHE if you ask me!
Next week's line up is
Song - P
Prayer - D
Scripture - B
Lesson - T
Game - M
Snack - G

Today at church was wonderful - I taught the Valiant class. I have told the Pres that I would do so until a new teacher was called. I am so feeling her pain - she asked if anyone was called to primary positions today and I had to report "no". But I don't mind. Peter is in my class and it was actually quite enjoyable. We did lesson 3o in manual 7 on the atonement. It was pretty awesome. Sugardoodle led me to this awesome fill in rebus of the 3rd article of faith. I just LOVE rebuses from the friend! Their activity page is pretty awesome as well.

gotta love

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