Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tonight's FHE

We had a great night tonight. But one thing was missing from our FHE tonight - Benjamin had fallen asleep and missed it. But this is what it looked like
Song - Benjamin - we sang "Ring around the Rosy" in his honor. Peter refused to sing so I made him sing a solo - he picked "When the Saints Come Marching In" and eventually we joined him
Prayer - Tre
Scriptures - Me - I read Genesis chapter 18
Lesson - Gabrielle had previously made me go up into the attic in the kids' hallway and find the Book of Mormon videos (since we just got another VCR player - my parents just gave me a television with one built in) and we watched Alma and the Zoramites
Game - Peter - we played rock paper scissors and Shannon won until I beat her - yeah, it was funny
Snack - Larry - he wasn't here until right at dinner time, and actually before that I was not sure when he was going to get here so I decided I would make it for him. I made Key Lime Pie and brownies (since I knew for sure Peter wouldn't eat the pie)

so next week it is:
S - L
P - B
S - T
L - M
G - G
S - P
I had better remind Peter it is his week next week for snack

Today at church it was great! Because it wasn't my month for sharing time!
But I did find something that is super useful and helped me prepare Peter's talk in sharing time (that I didn't get to watch because I was in nursery, but that is okay).
It is a pdf of small talks for the entire year that correspond to each weekly primary theme!!!! How cool is that?
I also found these sharing time cards from Latter-Day Chatter. They sure are cute - the one for this week helped me flesh out Peter's talk.
Okay, the hubs has left me and gone to bed, so I had better go as well. I have a Farmer's Market to go to tomorrow

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