Friday, January 20, 2012

M is for Mitten

Not a whole lot of time, so mostly links will comprise my post today
very easy - make two mittens that are alike


more songs, including:

Colorful Mittens
(tune: Six Little Ducks)

Colorful mittens for me and you
Red ones, yellow ones, blue ones too.
But the one pair of mittens that rhymes with fellow,
They're my favorite mittens, they're the color yellow!

Replace with other rhyming pairs such as:
~ Author Unknown ~

* you can also cut out a mitten on the front of a file folder (like you would if you were making a stencil).  Then inside the folder place a sheet of construction paper the color of each "mitten" and as you sing the song/say the rhyme you remove the sheet of construction paper on the front.  This makes the mitten change colors to match the rhyme.  Once you've done the rhyme several times, you can pause before saying the color word and removing the paper to see if your students can provide the appropriate color using their rhyming skills.

The Mitten
(tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

The mole is in the mitten.
The mole is in the mitten.
Mi-mo the merry-o,
The mole is in the mitten.

The rabbit is in the mitten.
The rabbit is in the mitten.
Ri-ro the rerry-o,
The rabbit is in the mitten.
found at the Virtual Vine
and of course, the kidzclub flashcards and it looks like they just added mittens - SCORE!
and of course our lanterfish tracing page - I think I am going to do mountain - and it will be off the library again, since my computer is still dead.  Dead dead.
Thank you to Peter for today's post
I really want to do more math, but I guess that will have to wait until I have a working computer - whenever that may be

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