Wednesday, February 1, 2012

M is for Mitten and G is for Groundhog recap

Our Mitten week last week went SO well! We followed mostly what I posted. Little Mister did not come back, so we missed him. He wasn't back this week as well, so I may have to do a follow up call.

I DID do the "snow playdough" and it was a serious hit. I wasn't sure I had the consistency right, but I read further on different blogs and found somewhere that said that it was crumbly, but would hold its shape once compacted.  Which is what this did. I also read somewhere that someone used baby oil instead of baby oil (but I wasn't using my baby oil, so this seemed to be a good use for it) I also used baby oil gel, which at first I thought compromised the consistency, but then I realized my playdough was just the way it was supposed to be)

Today we did Groundhogs

I got a tracing page, a coloring page and a groundhog craft all from first-school. Because I was doing a rather truncated version of school today, I found this fantastic website that had cute ideas, but I really didn't use anything from there. However, it gave me great confidence in my decision not to send Benjamin to state funded pre-k next year.  I have already done a bit of research and plan on writing a post dedicated to the research behind this decision.

We are getting better at reading and when I went to the library last week I found three books in the library on Groundhog's day. I was super thrilled! The two we used were:

This was very cute with a recurring phrase the kids could repeat (which I love!)

Cute, but a little over-long for 3 year olds. However, it did provide the vital information that I never remember that if the groundhog sees it shadow and hides that means  6 more weeks of winter, but if it stays out, then spring will come soon. It was a story of a raccoon that ran a skiing lodge. He didn't want spring to come soon, so he kidnapped the groundhog. I paraphrased heavily. I would have been better at paraphrasing had I read it beforehand. But this week seemed to be really tight for time.

Hopefully next week will be better - I plan on doing H is for Hearts! Yay for February holidays! It makes planning all that more easy!

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