Tuesday, February 7, 2012

H is for Hearts

I have 5 minutes to make this post - so here goes:
Well, Valentine's is coming up and since it is on a Tuesday, it will have already passed if we wait to do our Heart unit during Valentine's week. So it will be next Wednesday, the 8th.

This time I found most of my stuff on abcteach.com. I tend to avoid this site as it is a pay site, and I had previously though everything was for members only, but this time I found great stuff and was pleasantly surprised.
a sorting sheet, a weaving pattern, find the different one worksheet, and a cute coloring page. My ink is going out so I think I will take one of the sorting sheets that I printed (the pastel sheet was printed with the pastel blue and the pastel green looking exactly the same) and I cut out the hearts, stickerize them and let the kids use them on the coloring page.
I already have H cards from Halloween to use. (Yay for multipurposing!) And of course will use the first-school H worksheets
I have some books from the library I am really excited about:
The I love you book by todd park (it made me cry)
Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine by Sarah Weeks (another recurring rhyme book with lift-the-flaps!) Very excited about these

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