Saturday, July 12, 2008

The messages on my phone

So my cell phone has two messages in the inbox one of which has lingered for quite some time because I keep pressing 9 since it is so funny and the other one which I just received today which will probably endure the same fate. Keep in mind, these two messages are from the same person. So as I laugh, my kids want to know what is so funny so I let them listen to my messages. One starts out "What kind of a best friend are you if you don't answer your phone...", which is fair since I rarely answer my cell phone because I never hear it. The kids, knowing the speaker ask, is she your best friend? And of course I say yes. My daughter then says "You have a lot of best friends." but then Peter says: "Is it your BFF?" (Yes, exactly that way - with the letters) and I just about fell out of my chair, which would have been bad since I was driving. I said "Yes, she is my BFF" it was so funny!


Kris said...

hmmm...atleast there wasn't singing. My mom hates it when I sing songs on her message recorder--ones I make up like in Bread and Jam For Frances and the rest of that series of books. You know, like a little crazy kid!

Your kids are funny and cute and they probably don't remember me....Texas isn't that far you know! I MISS YOU!!! (does this count as a run-on sentence??? If so then GOOD--my work here is done!!

Henckel House said...

They so remember you! We talk about you guys a lot. We miss you too! We still need to buy a vehichle that legally seats all of us.