Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Flashback Friday

Today for flashback Friday I am flashing back to 1 Whole week ago! Ah, such sweet reminiscence. Well, misleading title and all: it was the First Day of School and I actually took pictures!!!!!!

Buddy, the neighborhood dog,ever faithful was estatic when the kids came out that morning

Everyone is all smiles ready to go back to school

When I got home I realized that I didn't get any pics of the bus. So I went out when they got home and I even went back into to the house to get the camera and when I got to the stop, the stinking batteries were dead in the camera! AKK! But I did get the three, so that is more than usual


Kris said...

mee ohh mmmyy...the kids have grown leaps and bounds!! Happy Back to school to them (i.e. to you) Tell Gabrielle she is beautiful but looks too grown up, like a young lady and to quit growing so fast, she going to have boys knocking down the door. or lining up at it anyways. Ha...I just visualized Larry chasing the boys have some major fun to look forward to in the next few years!!

Henckel House said...

Yeah, don't remind me. Are you in Florida yet? And did Tracy really drive all the way from Texas to Alabama. I might have gotten confused. If so, that is great! Larry would have told me to call my parents.

Kris said...

Yes I am in Florida and yes Tracy REALLY did drive to Mississippi and took us to Alabama, waited 3 days for the car and drove back to Dallas to work Thursday.