Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just a little too late

So the boys just didn't want to go to bed, surprise, surprise and they somehow managed to be upstairs twirling this twirly thing (courtesy of my mom) in front of Benjamin. He was just squealing with laughter. And OF COURSE the camera was all the way downstairs on the other side. By the time I got back up the newness had already worn off and he wasn't laughing quite as much. I am not even sure the video is even visible. I guess I will have to post to see if you can hear anything. Okay, so you can't see a THING but the audio is still pretty cute. So here are some pics you CAN see taken earlier in the afternoon

In this one, Peter almost looks drugged, but that is the most genuine smile I have ever seen on Tre in a picture, so it stays And one of them (it is hard to say which because they are both pretty snap-happy) took the above two pics of Benjamin - you know, when Mom wasn't looking


Kris said...

I can see the video and the baby's cute little feet!! Yes, the audio is so stinkin' cute!! I love the still shots and I LOVE the baby blankets--green is my favorite color for these little red-heads of ours--it's so complimentary!!

Henckel House said...

Okay, I guess you can see his feet, but that is only because it was one of those RARE moments in which he actually had socks on. The green blanket is actually the back of the frog blanket. Pretty cool, huh? I love green and redheads, too. Someone said red doesn't look good on redheads, but Benjamin looks great in this dark red romper he has.

Kris said...

I fixed my blog you brat, my secret post has been restored :)

I love ya' like madness!!! I miss you too.