Monday, November 29, 2010

New Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed Gabrielle's birthday, and I really didn't take any pictures of Peter's. I do have pics of Gabrielle's birthday, but they are all on the old camera, and I am having problems transferring them to a computer that is not ancient.

But thank you Black Friday! We got a new camera and its little memory card slides right in just like the previous camera - bought at last year's black friday that bit the dust in my purse.

Yesterday we went driving and ended up at Lake West Point. They had a little stop off the side of the road and the boys climbed down this steep ledge to get to the water

I love this picture of her - mostly because she is not scowling

Yeah, don't ask, you don't want to know. But he is really cute

I do have pictures of Benjamin out in the park, but this one was just so much better (minus the clutter on the couch and floor - sorry Gabrielle- I am not counting you as clutter, you just happen to be sitting blissfully amongst it). And, no, I did not take this picture - one of the boys did.
Yay for the new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!

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