Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Calling

Now, most of my posts have been uploaded with the pretense of being there for others to enjoy - even though I know 3 people read my blog
when they have nothing else to do
and all their housework is done
and nothing is on television (or youtube for Becky)
and they have finished watching the paint dry on their walls

So, I have decided since I have come to the realization that I read my blog more than anyone else, I am posting things for me - so I don't loose them.

I recently tried in vain to save a page onto my hard drive and so I decided rather than to figure out how to effectively save, I would just post it here.

For me,
my most avid reader

So, now you get to find out why I titled this post as such -------
I just got called as the second councilor in primary! And the day I got called I was told that the previous second councilor had July as her month for sharing time - so here are the references I found for the rest of the month.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new format of the primary program manuals that came out in 2010. This month is "The Temple is a House of God". And, following the sharing time outline, I have asked different individuals to come talk about three different temples, about which I am really excited . I found a website (not an official LDS site, but really interesting) called from which I got some great info for this week.

I also went to and found a great sharing time to fill in if we have extra time.

Next week, I will be gleaning from this sharing time found in a 1997 friend. The sharing time outline is great, but I know next week will need additional "support".

I have seen different ideas for the fifth week ranging from games, videos and super extended singing time - but seeing as how the chorister just got called the same week as I, I thought I would wait a little (until October - when it is my month again and amazingly another 5 Sunday month) before springing a 50 minute singing time assignment on her. So when I found the first sharing time after doing a search of "my gospel standards" on, I found this other sharing time that has a great craft that the kids can do
So there it is - my plan for this month.
Stay tuned for October (as it will probably be the next time I post)

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