Sunday, July 17, 2011

tonight's family home evening

Now that I have decided to do this as a reference for myself I think I will keep a record of more church oriented things like family home evening and how my sharing times went.

My sharing time went great today. But as I was leaving the house, I thought maybe I should bring my laptop with the temple information on it just in case one of my guest speakers did not show. I decided against it. And one of them didn't come to church(due to a completely understandable family emergency) and so I was left reading the back of the Kirtland Temple picture from the library.

Next time I will expend the paper and make additional copies of what I have provided for my guest speakers.

Tonight for the first time in a few months, we had family home evening
G.- song "Love One Another"
P.- prayer
Daddy - scripture - chapter 5 in Genesis
B. - lesson (I grabbed a puzzle of Jesus from my folder of past sharing times and had him give everyone a piece and we "learned" who wants us to work together)
T. - game - he chose milbourne
Mom - snack - I found a recipe online for converting a cake mix into cookies (1/2 cup of butter and 2 eggs - I added some sugar since I was working with a lemon poppy seed muffin mix and white chocolate chips)

so next week will be
song - M
prayer - G
scripture - P
lesson - D
game - B
snack - T

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