Sunday, November 25, 2012

December Singing Time

A new month is about to dawn and I am really excited about doing Christmas songs. I've found some new sites today and plan on using some of them so here it goes:
Sunbeam Singing created some trees and decorations so you can create a game or review a song as needed
Pattie's Primary place has a bunch of ideas on how to prepare a song for singing in Sacrament Meeting closer to Christmas. I really need to focus on this as I will be out on that Sunday before Christmas, so we may go ahead and do it earlier
Singing a Song is Fun to Do has bell instructions. Even though we don't have bells, I have been meaning to talk to our primary president about it and see if we can purchase such things. The bell charts she made seem very easy for the kids to follow, so I definitely will be checking that again.
Primarily Singing talked about reviewing Away in a Manger. She also referenced using an idea found on sugardoodle which goes like this:Shake,Rattle, and Roll game by Amanda Perkins-The kids went crazy over this game. I got it off of "Win it in a Minute" and used it to go over The Nativity Song for Christmas. I had 18 bells in a tissue box with a ribbon attached for a belt. I tied the box to a kids back and they had to try and shake all the bells out of the box. First we sang a verse without the game, and I picked a child that was singing loud. They wanted to try it so bad, that they sang so well, and it was hilarious watching the kids dance, shake and jump to remove all the bells. You could use golf balls, at another time of the year, and try attaching songs on each ball. I will definitely be using this game again!
She also talked about using this idea from Beehive Messages using mittens, which seems totally awesome. I may have to buy some knit gloves, though.

 Today's adventure with Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus didn't go as well as I expected with Jr.
I should have probably just used a flip chart like this one from Sugardoodle. I only had 4 (in each singing time, actually) and they just kind of watched me sing - badly - as I did not learn the song myself. I've even read about learning the song inside and out before presenting and I just didn't for some reason. I guess I thought I could wing it, but I could not.
Sr. went much better (as I had actually sung the song a couple of times) and we only got through verse one. I might do verse 2 next week with them and start on our Christmas line up


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