Thursday, November 29, 2012

Picking our Christmas Songs

This week in Singing Time, I will be presenting several different songs and asking the kids which ones they would like to sing in Sacrament. We'll go over

Picture A Christmas 50 - I am using this flip chart posted on Sugardoodle, Thanks Sister Duff!
We'll also go over When Joseph went to Bethlehem 38-39 and I'll be using this Flip chart (it took me forever to find it again to reference it!) Thank you Bridgette!

So, I'll present those two songs and review Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus 36 (thanks again, to Sunbeam Singing) and ask each child (yes, each one - last week we had a total of 8 children for the ENTIRE primary that attended, but I am hoping for more this week) which one they would prefer.

I am also presenting
Christmas Bells are ringing 54 and using this flip chart.(Thank you, Brother Mortensen) Because, as noted in other blogs, this one is so easy. It has 17 words. So I think we can get that one down without a problem.

Stars were gleaming 37  is our opening song, and if I feel that they are familiar with it and enjoy that one, we may sing it during sacrament as well. That is exactly why I picked it.

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