Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5th Sunday Ideas

I often browse through the oodles of primary blogs (see list at right) and think: "Oh, that's a great idea - I'll do that weeks and weeks from now" and for some reason I don't stop to think "And yes, I had better write that down or make a post or something so I won't forget it"

So I forget and then consequently spend unmentionable amounts of time looking for that idea again.

As a consequence, my posts won't be as chronological as I initially planned.

So today's cut and paste idea is:
The Every Last Lyric Game from Sunbeam Singing
found on google images

And no, I never have heard of this game, but it sounds like a super game for Senior Primary. In our branch, we plan on having a Singing Time Sharing Time (Singing time for the whole block), so I am trying to come up with ideas to fill up the whole time.

Apparently you write something down continuously until someone rolls doubles. So in this case, it would be writing down lyrics to songs you are reviewing.

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