Sunday, February 24, 2013

What do YOU know about "My Heavenly Father Loves Me?"

(This image is from - apparently this is a pillow case that you can buy and it comes with crayons that you use to color it)
Originally, I wanted to write a post about how my 17 year old daughter DID NOT KNOW this song. It made me cry - and laugh at the same time - it was weird. She vaguely remembered the part about "the velvet rose", but that was it. Truly - a travesty.

 But that's all I had at the time and I didn't feel that it warranted a post.

However, I also didn't even know the name of the song myself. That seems terribly strange as now, after February is almost over, I have said it, sang it, and written it so many times that it seems like I have always known this song is titled as it is. But truly, when I saw the song in the Sharing Time Outline, I had NO IDEA what song "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" was. I kept on thinking that it was the one IN the outline, but when I looked it up in the songbook, I was like: "Oh yeah!!! The one about birds and roses and that goes incredibly high at the end"

Speaking of going incredibly high at the end: Was that how you learned it? Well, believe it or not, that was NOT how it was originally written. That super high part was the optional part, but was misprinted in the Sing With Me (that fabulously orange and canvas covered book) as the melody and In the Leafy TreeTops has a fabulous post about it that everyone should read.

Did YOU know all these things? I am so very grateful for the internet and the fact that I can find out all these awesome things!!!!

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