Sunday, February 3, 2013

Songs for posting in February and Super Lame Giveaway

Like Camille from Camille's Primary Ideas, I post songs. I got the idea from her and I love it.

Each week, I have our opening song and birthday and welcome songs printed out on normal paper, put into page protector and put in a binder. I then hang said binder over the music stand and everyone is able to read the words to the songs.

Also like Camille, I have one birthday song sung for the whole month and one welcome song sung for the whole month (being a branch, there are weeks and sometime months that go by without need for a birthday or welcome song or either, so monthly rotation is the way to go for me).

Then I do have a different opening song for each week of the month. I try to plan to sing songs relating to the monthly theme and in doing so, I flip to the back of the Songbook and search under topics. (This can lead to very unknown songs, but I kind of like it.) February was "Creation" and these are the songs I found:
The World is So Big 235
All Things Bright and Beautiful 231
The World is So Lovely 233
God is Watching over All 229

I am not familiar with any of these songs - which means I have to practice a lot (and I completely forgot to do so yesterday because of my quandary and just bombed today's opening, but the singing time went SO VERY WELL!).
So I made sure that I had all of these songs for posting - as I knew most of them would be unfamiliar.

When looking up the words to post, I was looking for God is Watching over all, and even the church website did not post the words. My first thought was to type them up anyway, but I decided that if the church didn't, then I shouldn't either, so I found images via google to represent what I thought were the main words.
I had decided weeks ago that I would post them on the off chance that if any of you would like to sing this obscure song, you wouldn't have to find pictures

So here is where my Super Lame Giveaway comes in:
I accidentally printed off two copies of my songs for posting. I have an additional copy of all songs in the document except for "Choose the Right Way".
You can print the items in the document, or if you are the first person to comment and leave me your email, I will mail you mine that I accidentally printed. I didn't want to waste all that paper (10 pages) and ink by just recycling. So hopefully someone else will want them.

Yes, it is SUPER LAME, but at least someone might get some get some use out of them


Larsen's said...

I would love your extras!

Henckel House said...

Great! I have sent an email your way and will send them to you soon. Thanks for reading!

Henckel House said...

To Brooke (I'm not sure why I can't post a reply, but it is just not letting me) Just let me know how to send them to you. I have sent an email, but haven't gotten a response. I hope I have the correct address. You can reach me at henckelhouse (at) yahoo (dot) com

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

If Brooke fell through, I would love your extra copies!


Henckel House said...

Hahaha! That was funny (assuming that Brooke and Erin are related). Yes, congratulations to Brooke on this super lame giveaway.
I did have to make two copies of my valentine song hearts because I misplaced the first set. If I ever find the first set, I will have another super lame giveaway: so keep on the lookout!.
Thanks everyone!:)