Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cub Scouts

When we moved into our new branch, the first thing I asked the Branch President was whether or not there was a cub scout program because my boys were quite involved in the old ward seeing as how I had been a scout leader for 3 years. Well, there wasn't a troop at first, but there was one formed about a month after we moved in. They sure are having lots of fun. These pictures are from their scout leader. The pics were taken at home depot and Burger King. They go to Home Depot every month for the young carpenter's program or whatever they call it. I couldn't get my old troop out for a field trip to save my life. Well, once, but only because it fulfilled a wolf achievement.

I am not sure why Jonathan looked like this since I wasn't there, but I just think he looks six sideways to funny. Not sure what that means, but I like it, so I'm sayin' it. Jonathan and his sister were visiting us for a week.

This of course, is my favorite. Of all my kids, Tre is usually the most likely one to be compared to an animal. Yes, he DOES look like a human trapped in a hamster maze. That's my Tre


Kris said...

wholly!! Wow Laura, I can't believe my eyes!! Your boys have grown so much! Especially Tre, he looks like a young man. It feels like I have been gone forever all of the sudden. I love the photos and the new layout too (yes--I noticed.)

I'm glad your boys are doing scouts and enjoying it, it's hard when a branch doesn't have enough support for activities and such. We are in a small ward but the programs are strong, I like being a cub scout leader. Next week we have twilight camp--that will be fun!

Henckel House said...

Speaking of pictures, you should have heard Gabrielle when she saw Ashley's picture on your blog. "She's so different" she exclaimed. I explained that it has been a while since she has seen Ashley and that she (Gabrielle) is growing, too and doesn't look the same as she did 2 or 3 years ago.
I figured out how to change my blog background
There is a twilight camp offered here too, but not by the church. I haven't decided yet if we will do it.

Kris said...

Twilight is not offered by the church here, it's always by the district. It's a lot of fun so far (2 out of 5 days are now complete!) The boys get a lot of things signed off for the ranks. I went with the Bears the first day because that's where I was assigned, but I moved to the Webelos yesterday and will remain the the rest of the time with my Webelos. I had Webelos without a leader and I was assigned to our Bear's who had 5 assigned leaders. It's all straightened out now! There were supposed to be 400 boys, I guess there is no more than 200-- a big difference! Your boys will love it, send them!