Monday, June 9, 2008

Look! There's more than just Benjamin

I have been reminded that while in my bio where I clearly list that I am the mother of FOUR wonderful children, my blog is blatantly missing pictures of anyone who is not the baby.

Yes I fell into the 'new baby trap' where all of my current pictures consist mainly of just him. In fact, I had to delve to find pictures of all the kids. These are from almost 3 years ago and they include ALL SORTS of kids. Well, mine and my best friend's kids. Since she blogs about them all of the time and posts fantastic pics of them, I figured I wouldn't get in too much trouble for posting them

Yes, that is LARRY serving the bacon or whatever it was in the background, not me; for he is the better cook when it comes to breakfast

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Kris said...

Ahhh! Your babies and my babies....where was I? Is this one of those times I ran away and left you stranded with all my babies for weeks without any contact or any help or relief?? In other words, was I at the hospital having another baby?? I bet when you kept the kids for me, it felt like weeks!! You are so sweet-Do you EVER say no to anybody who asks a favor of you? you don't! Not only did you keep them, you fed them better than I do! Man--you rock!!

Hey-- I was supposed to keep your kids while you went to Jamaica, what happened to that??

By the way, I LOVE the great job you did on your dining room!! Yes, I know--I have seen it lots of times and I say that everytime, and you no longer live in or even own (yah!) this house anymore. But really--it was impressive how well you did on the painting. KUDOS~~