Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas SINGO

I just finished my very own SINGO last night! I have seen several references for SINGO across the web and I tried to see if I could find a template and just plug in my pictures, but alas, no such thing could I find (for free, at least).
However, in my search, I did find that some places do different size grids. I am not sure that ever crossed my mind, but it quickly became apparent that doing a 3 X 3 grid would be much less labor intensive than doing the normal 5 X 5.
With my 3 X 3 grid, I decided to come up with 14 songs, so I would have a large variety of pictures for the cards. I made 8 different cards. Once the pictures were sized to fit the grids, plugging them in was quite a bit easier than I imagined.
Here are the songs I decided to include:

     Picture a Christmas p. 50 (camera)
                           Away in a Manger p. 42 (manger)
                           When Joseph went to Bethlehem p. 38 (Joseph)
                           Oh, Hush Thee My Baby p. 48 (hush icon)
                           Christmas Bells are Ringing p. 54 (bells)
                           Once Within a Lowly Stable p. 41 (stable)
                           The Nativity Song p. 52 (nativity)
                           Sleep Little Jesus p. 47(baby Jesus)
                           Stars Were Gleaming p. 37 (star)
                           Who Is The Child p. 46 (question mark)
                            Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus p. 36 (Samuel on the Wall)
                            With Wondering Awe Hymns, 210 (Shepherds)
                            Mary’s Lullaby p. 44 (portrait of Mary - one of my very favorites - even though I don't know who the artist is)
                            Joy to the World, Hymns 201(Angel)

Suggestions for anyone who might want some of these images: Angels without wings can be very, very hard to find. PrimaryClipArt is a great place to look. Many of my images - Joseph, the Nativity, baby Jesus, and of course the angel came from there. Also, if you can't find what you need there, adding "lds" to your image search words can also help. That's how I found the Mary portrait: "Mary Mother of Jesus lds" is what I typed 
The internet is a fabulous place!!!!!!!

Good luck making your own SINGO if you so choose. If you would rather not, just email me at henckelhouse [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will email you mine! I still have not figured out how to post a word document to the internet. (And just so you know - not all of those above images are on my singo - I actually used them for different projects)


Michele Rishel said...

could you please email them to me! Love the idea!

The Ivie's said...

I too would love a copy of your singo cards. The kids would love this activity in our Primary!
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