Sunday, December 16, 2012

2013 Schedule

So, it is REALLY time for me to start thinking about 2013. I found the 2013 outline for Sharing time and here is the list they provided: 
Song TitleMP3 Music OnlyMP3 Music and Voice
“I Am a Child of God” (Children's Songbook, 2–3) (Jan)MP3MP3
“My Heavenly Father Loves Me” (Children's Songbook, 228–29) (Feb)MP3MP3
“When I Am Baptized” (Children's Songbook, 103) (Jun)MP3MP3
“Families Can Be Together Forever” (Children's Songbook, 188) (Jul)MP3MP3
“A Child’s Prayer” (Children's Songbook, 12–13) (Aug)MP3MP3
“If the Savior Stood Beside Me” (2013 Outline for Sharing Time, 28) (Mar)MP3MP3
and wow, all I had to do was copy and paste and now all you have to do is click those little icons and it will bring up the MP3 (super amazing this interwebs thing - I just can't say it enough)
Not quite sure why they are out of chronological order, but it's okay.
For April and May it says "Song of your choice from the Children's Songbook"
So I went looking for song suggestions and found the "Worth of a Child" topic list for the Children's Songbook and I am really liking these
Can a Little Child like Me? (#9)
I Know My Father Lives (#5)
I Will Follow God's Plan (#164)
I Am like a Star (#163)

I have never really sang "Can a Little Child Like Me?" before and I just clicked it and it is beautiful so it will definitely be my May song and I don't think we sing "I Know My Father Lives" enough, so it will be April. I don't know if we'll be able to fit the last two in our sacrament program, but they are nice and peppy, so we will see

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