Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Story

Well, today we did our singing in Sacrament: Picture a Christmas, Samuel tells of the Baby Jesus and Christmas bells are ringing (in that order) and they did GREAT!!!!! I was so proud of them. AND our first speaker (a youth speaker) gave her talk on the Savior and she said she wanted to focus on the story of Christ's birth from the perspective of the Book of Mormon and went over the Samuel the Lamanite story and I was SO EXCITED that we had just sang Samuel tells of the Baby Jesus. I thought it went along perfectly.

So hopefully our Christmas Singo went well - I left. Not feeling well and all of that. And I also left all the supplies for the next two weeks. Including.................................. da da da daaaaaaaa -
My own Christmas Story!!!!!!!!! Very, very, very much like Camille's Thanksgiving story from Camille's Primary Ideas

So I wrote the story lines on one page and put those in its own page protector, then the next page protector has the picture of the next part of the story and the song corresponding to the picture on the back.
So here is how the story goes:

An angel came to earth to tell of Jesus being born to
Mary (Mary’s Lullaby, 44-45)
Mary went to Bethlehem during tax time with
Joseph (When Joseph Went to Bethlehem p.38)
Joseph and Mary could not find a room in the city and instead had to sleep in a
Stable (Once within a Lowly Stable, 41)
After Jesus was born, Mary wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a
Manger (Away in a Manger, 42-43)
Angels went to tell of the blessed birth to
Shepherds (The Nativity Song v. 4, 52-53)

In the sky, the shepherds saw a special
Star (Stars were Gleaming, 37)
The Star also guided
Wise Men (With Wondering Awe, Hymns 210)

The Wise men found Baby Jesus and were
Joyful (Joy to the World, Hymns 201)

Those of course, are not all of the pictures, but I thought I might include some. Many of them I found on primary clip art. Some of you might be able to pick out the ones that were featured in the Friend so many years ago when I was young (those do happen to be my favorites)

And, as always, if you would like a copy of this word doc (one day I WILL FIGURE THIS POSTING WORD DOC THING OUT, but it will probably be a day very far, far in the future), just email me at henckelhouse [at] yahoo [dot] com. One person commented instead of emailing, and I thought I had been checking comments regularly, but I didn't see her comment until two days after she posted. You can comment as well, just know that I may not see it as quickly.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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