Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chistmas SINGO (maybe a little too late)

Well, I never published a post with a link (YAY! I finally know how to do this!!!!!!!) to my singo game because when I converted the word page to a pdf the lines were distorted by the size of the images. It worked fine in Word, but not so much with adobe. I knew it would be a pain to re-size, and I was right. It took quite some time. So that is why I am posting now.
On Christmas night.
But I can always link back to it next year, right? There are two files - One for the Singo Cards (2 pages with 8 different cards in 3 by 3 format) and the key (that gives the song and the icon that goes with it) and then the call cards Christmas SINGO Christmas Singo key and Call Cards

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