Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 4th Week

(Clip art from I COMPLETELY forgot my senior singing time today. So we went with the treasure idea I thought was a bit too young for them. So since it was my only option, I made it work.

So next week, I thought of using my idea for today, but then I found the Children of God puzzle poster displays from Primary Notes 29 and I think (even though this is RATHER ambitious) that I will do this, because I think these visuals will really help retention (which I need as well since I was getting the 2nd and 3rd verses mixed up today)
So I will keep my fingers crossed that I will actually FOLLOW THROUGH. (I STILL haven't made my nursery bag)

(Image from Primary Notes 29)

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PN29 said...

Thanks for the mention!
Ashlie - PN29