Friday, January 11, 2013

Song Premiere

So I set out this afternoon to make a program for the Premiere (yes, I have been spelling that word wrong this whole time )and I found the most super cute clip art to put on the program!!! It is by Jenny Smith and can be found here. How beautiful is that? And I found it with those three super useful little letters---lds! When you google music clip art you get some cute little designs, but when you google "music clip art lds" it all changes and that's how I came up with this beauty. You can find my program here, but it is in PDF, so therefore it cannot be edited. If you would like a copy, feel free to email me at You can comment as well, just be warned that I will get the email much sooner than I will see the comment and can respond quicker

Primary Premiere Progam by Laura Henckel

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