Sunday, January 13, 2013

Premiere results

I would absolutely love to say how fabulous our singo singing time went and how the kids had a great time and remained reverent the entire singing time.

I wish I could share with you how spiritual the Christmas Sing a Story went.

I would adore it if I could report how engaged the children were when the "Un - decorate the Christmas Tree" singing time was presented;

but I can't - because I was not there for any of those. Which is quite a bummer seeing as how excited I was to do those things.

BUT I can tell you how touching, sweet and spiritual our 2013 Primary Song Premiere was because I WAS there and even now I am typing through tears. It was so beautiful and I cannot thank Brittney from Primary Singing Time for Leaders enough for posting this idea. I went into Sacrament knowing that all would not go well, as it never does - you can't expect perfection [not even remembering at that point that I totally forgot my laptop to do the video presentation for When I am Baptized] I also realized that things like pitch, tempo and harmony are quite secondary when the Spirit is present (Don't get me wrong, NO ONE sounded bad, it is just that Spirit resonates so much stronger than sound). It was an absolutely beautiful experience. Every single act was important and spectacular and I am personally ASTOUNDED that I kept it together for the entire time both times.

This is definitely something that I will try to do again if I am in the same position next year and would completely recommend to anyone else to do.

 A few pointers though - Start way earlier than I did. Brittney posted her idea the first of December and that would have about been right. I started putting it together AFTER I got back from Christmas visiting (not recommended).

Be flexible. I personally am a kind of fly by the seat of my pants girl, so when people asked if they could be next so that they could go on to the next hour, can I please have my ipad back (you know, because I FORGOT my laptop)so I can teach my class, when my family was not able to show for the second presentation because it was the third hour and they were busier in the third hour than the second, you just roll with the punches, throw the program out the window and invite the nursery kids to sing "Families Can be Together Forever" instead.

 I did not hand out my limited prints of the program to the junior (as most of them couldn't read) and handed them out to the senior {mainly because one of the kids actually asked for it} and then to the presidency. This was a good call as the order of the junior primary presentation was way off due to scheduling. Next time I am not sure I would do a program, but I found such a cute graphic Friday night, I just had to print them out. We are a branch, so I didn't have to print many, but just printing up for the senior seems like an idea to stick with.

This was one of the best things I have ever done in church. Again, I am extremely grateful for the idea and all of the wonderful, fabulous people who helped me pull it off.

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Brittney said...

I am SO glad it worked for you!