Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poster Puzzles

A great big shout out again to Primary Notes 29 who put forth the fantastic idea of making little children of god puzzle posters for each verse of I am a child of God. I can't WAIT to use these tomorrow. I took them to a local library where they laminated all 17 pieces for $5.50! Can you believe it? I had them finished, laminated and cut out all before Thursday evening! Wow! I am so never THAT ahead of time.

Look at all that laminating! I personally think that is a good deal (Let me know if you think otherwise) - I put the broom in the shot for size reference {because we NEVER leave things like brooms on the floor EVER} yes, the broom was actually already on the floor, but I did think it would make a nice reference and I DID actually move it into the shot, but you know, with my foot, since the broom was already there

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