Sunday, January 13, 2013

On a personal note

I cannot tell you how giddy I get when I log into blogger and go to the stats page and see that so far I have had such and such views. It thrills me to no END to know that other singing time blogs have put my little blog on their blog lists (that is truly a serious compliment - Thank you, ladies). But, it has made me realize that this is no longer my personal little blog.

And that is totally fine with me.

And if you are a singing time reader, (in the words of Sofia from Sofia's Primary Ideas), Scroll on, Brothers and Sisters, Scroll On!

I do realize that as a Primary Chorister you are not necessarily interested in how cute my 21 month old looks in my sister in law's stilettos or the adorable things my four year old says in sacrament. But for those of you (the four of you) that do read this blog because of those things, I am starting a new blog: henckelhouse2 or Another Henckel Blog or whatever silly title I might change it to.

Henckelhouse will remain as it is currently, same address, same title and almost exclusively singing time blogs at this point. I might change some the side bar content, but basically only removing non-singing-time related stuff (this of course, means I have to put forth a concerted effort to do so, so chances might be slim)

Whichever reader you might be, thanks for reading and happy surfing! The internet ROCKS!

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