Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Practicing I am a Child of God

Again, this super awesome pic is from
So this coming Sunday, I do plan on doing a completely different Junior and Senior primary. And both ideas are completely stolen from other fantastic choristers.

Junior: Totally thefting the treasure idea from the Chorister's Corner. I think I may even use the very same clipart. May post a pdf when I do. I don't have a treasure box, but may print a large one (or even make one out of construction paper) and just use magnets on the white board. I might even find some big coins, put the "treasure" listed in her photo and have the kids come and flip them over.

Senior: I am using this flip chart from In the Leafy Treetops and will mix them up and have10 blank places drawn on the white board: 
1. _________        __________
2. _________        __________
3. _________        __________
4. _________        __________  
Chorus: _________        __________and let them come up, pick a page and then place. (With no correcting! )And we'll sing it just like they placed it and then correct it and sing.

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